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HDMI Matrix and HDMI over IP

Get a complete solution for that special job you need now.


Video Wall Friendly

Completely Video Wall Friendly and modular so you can easily add more sources or more TVs without worrying about a new HDMI matrix or how far they are from the source. Make any Input zoom up and fill the Video wall or have each of the video wall cells assigned to individual different inputs, and Easily switch back and forth at any time. Video wall capability is provided for commercial video wall TV screens only (not consumer TVs).

Large Scale IP Matrix and Scalability

Imagine having a few video walls each having 4 or 9 TV units. This easily adds number of your TV outputs to 20+ . Most matrix solutions can not easily handle large scale inputs and outputs or become too expensive. Using Mirage Matrix Solution, you can easily manage any jobs up to 48-96 screens at affordable prices.

We provide most critical equipment, components and programming so you do not need to spend any extra time. Plus it is so easy to build and user friendly to use, all with your IPAD or Anroid device. You can easily change any input, change volume, change TV channel, change video wall mode On or OFF so the picture zooms and fills all screens or you can have full control of each cell screen with different inputs (see pictures below).

Superior Speed, no Network slow down

Plus unlike most others who give you some HDMI extender boxes and a web browser to change inputs, we give you a complete solution, we do not tie up your network at all. All the inputs data are only sent to the right TV and not slowing up on rest of your Network. They switch almost instantly. Our Mirage technology is so advanced that we can do this even with a 100 Mbps switch vs a 1Gb switch so if you use a 1Gb switch, you will have 900 Mbps free Network bandwith all the time no matter how big the matrix is.

1 Gigabit Cisco Managed Switch and URC Controller included

We provide a Cisco managed Switch already programmed for the Matrix along with URC (universal remote Control) MRX-10 to control your sources or your TVs (some extra additional Programming may be required)

MRX-10 Advanced Network System Controller

controller with 8 IR out, 4 rs-232 , RJ45 and Two-way RF

Now any device is network compatible with the MRX-10.

or ....RTI, Elan, AMX, Crestron (optional) so that you can use the same professional App that you need to control your audio, lighting, doors, security cameras, TV , Direct TV, Dish Network,... on the same job with URC. Programming for all the other devices are extra and not included, but can be easily done remotely for you.

Please also ask us about special quotes for monitor pricing, mounts, cables....

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